Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow classes are dynamic and energizing. We flow through a sequence of poses that are modified for all levels, creating a challenge for experienced yoga students and beginners alike. The classes consists of a creative mix of standing and seated sequences to work on core strength, balance and flexibility. Deep, restorative breathing is encouraged throughout the class to help reduce tension in the mind and body. Classes finish with a deep guided relaxation and students come away feeling strengthened, energized and relaxed.

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Doing the yoga classes at JCW has been a really transformative experience for me. I love the opportunity to explore different styles of yoga, whether it's a dynamic class or a slower flow. All the teachers are extremely knowledgeable about their subject and bring something different but equally amazing to their class and I cannot recommend them highly enough. My body is certainly more flexible now however it's also the strongest it's ever been. I think most people assume yoga is good for flexibility but perhaps don't realise how much strength it brings so I would really like to highlight that aspect. It's also wonderful at bringing a calm focus to your mind which hopefully continues off the mat. Wherever you start with yoga you will be rewarded in so many ways. If you've not tried it before give it a go and say hi to me in class!


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