Restorative Yoga

Unwind and release with a yoga practice which incorporates slower, deeper stretches to soothe hard working bodies (and minds)!
Unlike a vinyasa class (which moves more quickly), this class will be a sequence based on gentle movements, where poses will be held for longer. This will help to release physical tension often gained by those bodies which are under-used, or over-used in physical exercise.
There will be more focus on pranayama (breathing techniques), as breathing is the most vital process in the body and is fundamental to the yoga practice. This will lead into simple steps of mindfulness and meditation in drawing our senses and awareness inwards to de-stress and discover greater peace and contentment.

This class is suitable for all levels, with no previous experience necessary.

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Vikki Poole

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Restorative yoga is a fantastic way to start the day. Quiet, reflective, centring and balancing. As an inflexible novice I feel Vikki gives me permission to work with my body with what I am able to do without having to run before I can walk (or full lotus before I can cross my legs!) 'What is is simply what is'. A lovely addition to the timetable. The class provides what has been missing for me in the otherwise great programme.

Donna Feldman – Health Kinesiology

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