Slow, controlled exercises set to soft relaxing music, designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles and improve core strength (tummy, back, and posture). Great for toning up the tummy, improving posture and easing back stiffness/back pain.

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Jane Wrafter/Ruth Larkin/Matt Marney/
Louise Wallis/Becki Elphick/Marie-Jo Buxton

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I had a total hip replacement earlier this year and have just restarted pilates classes with Jane which has given my recovery a real boost. The classes are pitched at all levels; you can take things at your own pace whilst still challenging yourself and I'm certainly not the only one who has had surgery or returned after a long break from regular exercise. More important for me though is that you can do all this in a fun, friendly and accepting environment.



Coming to Jane's classes regularly keeps me free from back pain, makes me feel energized and better generally about myself with the added bonus that for the first time in my life I have strength in my abs! The other people in the classes are great - friendly and welcoming, and Jane is so funny and down-to-earth that she makes the classes really enjoyable. I'd recommend anyone to give it a go!



I love attending Ruth’s classes, you never know what to expect! Tough love in Ballet Tone and gentle persuasion in Pilates. Her exercise regime is fairly vigorous and disciplined but peppered with humour and plenty of opportunities to rest and catch your breath, so you never feel that you can’t keep up. I always come away from her classes feeling stretched, mentally and physically, and my posture and muscle tone is improving as a result too.


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