Personal training

Ideal if you lack the motivation, confidence or time to attend the group classes. We will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are - lose weight, tone up, increase energy, ease back pain, learn to dance, or just get fitter. You will receive a personal consultation and assessment and also a personalised programme, which we will work on together.


Prices vary, starting from £50 upwards per session. Please contact an instructor you'd like to work with for more info:





If you'd told me a year ago that now I'd really enjoy exercise, I wouldn't have believed you! Working one-to-one with Jane turned around my attitude, her positive support made exercise less intimidating, and I became confident enough to join in the group classes, and even enjoy them! I have lost over 3 stone with her help and encouragement, I feel like a new person with loads more energy.


Jane helped me through the post-natal months on so many levels: she got me into shape both physically and emotionally. She helped motivate me to lose my baby weight and build up my core strength again, which after spinal surgery and 3 c-sections was really hard work! As a mother herself, she was realistic about what a new mum can achieve, and at a time when there was little time for me, the pilates quickly became the highlight of my week. After my ante-natal yoga for relaxation, this was my post-natal pilates for revitalisation! And it really worked. She still inspires and motivates me now, 18 months down the road. I'm so grateful.


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