Wendy Nutman

I became a fully accredited fitness instructor in 2004 gaining my Exercise to Music qualification with YMCA Fit, however I have been attending gyms and exercise classes for over 20 years! Since qualifying, I have been teaching a variety of classes in gyms throughout North and Northwest London, training private clients in their homes, as well as working for Jane at JCW instructing the local community, which I really enjoy the most!

I feel that safety, enjoyment and inclusion all go hand in hand in a group exercise environment, and so I always offer multi-ability choices for participants. Hopefully, this ensures that everyone who is taking part has an option which will maximize their exercise experience. I am very aware that each person has their own reasons for coming to group exercise classes and I try to encourage everyone on a general level by keeping motivational levels high.

Besides Exercise to Music, my other qualifications include step choreography, stability ball / BOSU training, fitness pilates, freestyle pump, and teaching teens (11 – 16). I am fully qualified with EXTEND, as an instructor of movement to music for Seniors. I am fully insured and am a member of REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Like Jane (and sometimes even with her), I attend masterclasses and continuing education courses to be sure that I am up to date with the latest trends in the fitness industry. Personally, I have a 21 year old daughter and an 17 year old son, both of whom enjoy active lifestyles. Fitness has always been my passion, and I love to be able to share my passion with others!


YMCAFIT Exercise to Music

YMCAFIT Step Choreography

ActionUK Freestyle Fitness Pilates

ActionUK Freestyle Pump

Rachel Holmes Certificate Teaching Children & Teens

EXTEND Exercise Trainer (Seniors) July 2009

Boxercise and KickBoxercise

Swiss Ball Trained

First Aid Trained


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I teach a dynamic style of Yoga called Vinyasa Flow, where movement is synchronised to the breathe. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word and means connection. Every pose connects and flows from one to another becoming almost like a dance. My class, though at times vigorous, is always accessible and modifiable to the level of the student. Each week I teach a different creative and intelligently sequenced class (which is different each week) that also always includes a warm up to keep the body safe from injury.


My Vinyasa Flow classes are dynamic and energizing. We flow through a sequence of poses that are modified for all levels, creating a challenge for experienced yoga students and beginners alike. The class consists of a creative mix of standing and seated sequences to work on core strength, balance and flexibility. Deep, restorative breathing is encouraged throughout the class to help reduce tension in the mind and body. Classes finish with a deep guided relaxation and students come away feeling detoxed, energized and relaxed for the weekend.

Rachel Spain

After 20 years training and working as a professional dancer around the world, I settled in London and found the fitness industry. Whilst working in various gyms in London as a studio coordinator, personal trainer and group exercise instructor I discovered Pilates, and after attending many classes I realised this was the direction I wanted my career to follow.

I believe that it is healthy to keep learning and I continuously attend workshops and courses to develop my teaching skills.

I am fascinated with anatomy and postural analysis, and like to encourage my clients to explore their own bodies to improve their body awareness. Acknowledging that we are all very different, my classes will focus on each individual practicing safely and to their own personal limits. I love to use inspirational music and creative sequences are always part of my classes. I am keen to help people at an individual level and guarantee that everyone in my classes will get individual help and attention from me to help them progress and improve during every class.



Vinyasa flow yoga classes involve generating a soothing internal heat throughout your body through deep, voluntary breath. We synchronise breath and movement dynamically to create a moving meditation. This rhythm we create is enhanced and enriched often with soulful tunes accompanying you as you flow. Expect to breathe, sweat, tune-in & play, as you embody balance, strength & release. For the open hearted, not the faint-hearted!


Pilates foundation matwork teacher training

Claire Missingham vinyasa flow yoga TT ( yoga alliance)


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Also with Rachel

Pilates classes in Oakwood. Special offer for Jcw subscribers email info@rachelyogaandpilates.com for more details.

One to one sessions in Pilates and Vinyasa yoga also available. Contact Rachel for more details.



I teach and practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga. My classes are fluid, flowing and challenging (within the limits of the group) and always with deep intention and devotion. You will be lead through a dance of sequences to stretch and strengthen the body and mind enabling us to release unwanted tensions held in the body usually from stress and worry from our everyday lives. I aim to teach each individual to find their own "inner teacher" and not to rise to ego and force past current limits/capacity. Accepting where we are right now is fundamental to yoga practice, with the knowledge that change is constant and we must go with it. Ultimately with regular practice we will find find Santosha (contentment) on the mat and in our lives.
Expect chanting, sweating, movement, challenges, smiling, intention, devotion, meditation and great music.





Nils Thomas

Nils has been practicing yoga, massage, and bodywork for over 18 years. Starting with the hatha yoga tradition and moving into regular advanced Iyengar and Ashtanga styles.

Nils is a British Wheel of Yoga registered teacher with the Life Centre/Yoga Campus in London.

He Participates in frequent workshops and training with a variety of top international teachers such as Richard Freeman, Kino MacGregor, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rae, John Scott, Judith Lasater, among others, ranging from acrobatic yoga, to dynamic vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and restorative meditation.

Teaching with a focus on safe alignment and making the postures and movement accessible to all levels of student, classes are fun while at the same time energizing and relaxing.

Bespoke lessons available with unique sequences which are catered to your specific needs and goals.


British Wheel of Yoga


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Nils says:

"I teach a dynamic yoga, which builds flexibility and strength with flowing transitions between yoga postures whilst creating a deeper awareness of the breath. I use different styles depending on the energy of the class. I draw from different types of Yoga, hence the term “Dynamic” to describe my classes. To summarise the different types of yoga, "Hatha" is in general a broad term which has come to mean basically a softer slower class, which sometimes mine is, but not typically. "Vinyasa" means the transition between postures, which we sometimes do, and sometimes we hold postures for longer. "Flow" classes usually keep moving and don't hold postures, which I also sometimes do, however I do like to hold postures to focus on a particular one sometimes. Astanga follows a set pattern of asana, and Iyengar holds each posture for an extended time.

Each week focuses on a different area of the body, and I make my classes fun whilst at the same time energising, stimulating, and relaxing… a great way to start your week!





Emmanuel Oluwole

I am a Studio instructor, Elite Movement Coach, Personal trainer and a competitive natural bodybuilder too.

I believe that the greater your energy, the more efficient your body and the better you move, the better you feel. I believe you can achieve this through fun and function combined.

I love to see my clients use their talent to produce outstanding results, start by doing what’s necessary; then what’s possible; and suddenly do what was for a time impossible.

I will help you to move your body to stay fit and improve your performance, strength and physical appearance. I will also help you to beat pain and reduce future injury potential.

I look forward to seeing you at class very soon!



Level 2 fitness instructor

Ultimate Personal Training Diploma

Adapting Exercise for Ante and
Post Natal Clients

Adapting Exercise for Older Adults

Exercise Referral

Group studio Cycling

Bootcamp and circuit

advance Core Stability

Functional Resistance Training

Sports and Performance Nutrition

Elite Movement Screening - Fundamental.

Elite Movement Screening - Training and Performance

Elite Movement Screening - Rehabilitation .

Mentorship Program ( focus more on how to prove dysfunction, decrease pain, and increase performance and results).


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Vikki Poole

My first career was in fashion design, working for high street brands like Dorothy Perkins, Evans and Adams. Taking time out when my second daughter was born, I discovered how fulfilling fitness could be.

In 2003 I qualified as a fitness instructor. While I loved all this, a friend encouraged me to try Astanga Yoga. I was immediately hooked. I have been practising Astanga for over 10 years, and have been a student at Astanga London, Yoga Junction, Tri Yoga and Indaba where I attend many classes and workshops.

In 2005 I attended British Wheel of Yoga, Foundation Course, which led to a Teaching Diploma which I completed in 2008. In 2009 I added to this with a Teaching Yoga to Children qualification. In 20013 I made the decision to focus on teaching and practicing yoga.

It's a real privilage to pass on what you learn to others and see them develop. I teach groups in health clubs and privately in London.

I would like to thank my family and teachers for their support and encouragement, without whom I would not have been able to make my hobby a career.


Teaching diploma in Yoga

Teaching Yoga to Children


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About Astanga

I teach Astanga yoga, which is a dynamic form of yoga, based on a set sequence of postures. The strong flowing practice starts with sun salutations, then a standing and sitting sequence, completed with a finishing sequence. It is designed to build and maintain body heat with the constant use of ujjayi (throat breath), bandhas (abdomen and pelvic floor lifted) and drishti (a focus spot). The whole process is detoxifying and healing, for body and mind
In an hour’s class we don't get to do all the postures, and sometimes we vary a little what we do, but it is the rhythm and sequence which are unique to astanga. There should be something in it for everyone, with an open mind and sense of adventure! Watch out for the 2 hour specials where we look at the whole Primary Series.

ruth larkin




Ruth Larkin

Having trained in dance to a professional level in her teens, Ruth's career for 10 years had been within the entertainment industry. She found Sports Massage in 2006 thanks to an inspirational treatment and at that point trained at the North London School of Sports Massage graduating with Credit in a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.

In 2013 she trained as a Pilates instructor at Body Control and uses her knowledge of rehabilitation to bring you safe and restorative classes, guaranteed to leave you feeling stronger and more mobile regardless of any injury you may be dealing with.

Her philosophy is to take an holistic, multidisciplinary approach, treating the body and mind as a whole to find the root causes of problems and preventing their reoccurrence through treatment and exercise.


dip. Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy, NLSSM. Medical Acupuncturist & Spinal Manipulation trained.

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Instructor.

Advanced CRB Checked.

Body Control Pilates Teacher (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Matrwork, Pilates for Pregnancy, Pilates on the Ball)

Member ISRM - Institute of Sports & Remedial Massage + REPS Register of Exercise Professionals.

Further training in anatomy at Charing Cross Hospital.

First Aid trained.

CPD in Myofascial Release at The London School of Sports Massage.


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Matt Marney

I have been a personal trainer since 2003 and in that time I’ve been involved in about every aspect of the fitness industry. I’ve managed gymnasiums, taught a range of fitness classes and co-ordinated GP referral exercise schemes. I spent over a decade working in an orthopaedic clinic as a post rehabilitation specialist and this is where I first starting teaching Pilates and working as a movement practitioner. In this time I delivered a range of more specialised rehab classes including falls prevention, lower limb rehab and NHS funded back care courses and this also included more personalised one to one sessions.

I originally trained with Polestar Pilates and more recently with Body control and I firmly believe we need to continue to learn and develop our teaching practice. This continued learning enables me to teach a range of classes from beginner courses or more specific rehab classes all the way through to the more advanced classical mat-work.

My classes are fun but also informative and I like my clients to understand what the benefits and purpose of each exercise is. Quite often we are told or read that Pilates is good for us so what I like to do is ensure my clients understand the reason for each exercise and how that will contribute to better functional movement.

As well as being an active member of the fitness community I contribute to the educational side as a tutor and assessor for a leading Fitness Training provider, delivering a range of courses from the level 2 gym instructor through to the more specialised Exercise referral and Back Pain courses. The teaching aspect feels like giving back to the industry I love and ensures I stay up to date with the latest science based research.

I’m excited to be a part of JCW Fitness and look forward to seeing you in class soon.




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ashley nur




Ashley Nur

I've been a member of JCW Fitness for almost 11 years and loved every class I attended soo much so that after nearly 13 years of working as an Office Manager for a Homeless Charity, I finally decided on a career change in April 2016 to follow my dream of becoming a Fitness Instructor. I qualified in July 2016 gaining my Exercise to Music level 2 certificate.

I currently teach a Zumba style class called Dance Funk Cardio which does exactly what it says on the tin, it's funky and will give you a great cardio workout. I also cover Aerobic classes for other Instructors at JCW Fitness. I firmly believe that exercise should be fun as well as beneficial to your overall health, mind, body and soul!


Level 2 in Fitness Instructing (QCF) - Group Exercise to Music

YMCA Fitness Industry Training - July 2016

A-Z of Elite Group Teaching Workshop - Fitness Professional Ltd/My Groupfit - October 2016



louise wallis




Louise Wallis

I am a creative Yoga & Pilates teacher and have been teaching movement, in many forms, for 20 years. Originally a Dance and Exercise to Music instructor, a knee injury led me to discover the wonders of Pilates, and inspired me to re-train as a teacher.

I have developed an interest in Yoga after a trip to India and a spell at a Nature Cure Hospital, where daily classes were an integral part of the programme. Falling in love with the Vinyasa style of Yoga, a dance-like synchronisation of flowing movement and breath, I undertook teacher training with one of the UK’s foremost Vinyasa practitioners Mollie McLelland Morris. Harmonising body and mind through movement and breath, I teach an energising and focused flow to a funky soundtrack.


Exercise to Music (Royal Society of Arts) 1996

Dance Leader in the Community - Level 1 Certificate (Sports Council/Arts Council) 1997

Pilates Teacher Training (Future Fit Training) 2007

Pilates Progressions (Mat Work) Improver Level (Future Fit Training) 2007

Pilates Progressions (Mat Work) Advanced Level (Future Fit Training) 2007

Pilates Level 3 Diploma (Future Fit Training) 2012

Yoga Teacher Training (Vinyasa Flow - Yoga Alliance 200 hours) March 2015

Garuda Teacher Training (Mathwork Foundation - Garuda Academy) March 2016


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becki elphick




Becki Elphick

I first tried Pilates more than ten years ago and quickly realised it was for me, as it provided much needed movement and relaxation after long days in the office. After practicing for a number of years I wanted to find out more so trained and qualified with the Pilates Foundation and more recently trained on Pilates equipment with Body Control Pilates.

I am passionate about how Pilates can improve not only the function of the body through improved posture and alignment, strengthening muscles but also the mind from the concentration and focus required in class. I am also qualified in pre and post-natal Pilates, working with ladies throughout and after their pregnancy to focus on posture and wellbeing in preparation for birth and life as a new mum.

I adapt my classes to the needs of my clients and l love to see the improvement in them, as they learn more about Pilates and their bodies.


Pilates Matwork, Pilates Foundation

Pre and post natal Pilates

Reformer 1, Body Control Pilates


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07970 577750

melanie ashbrook

Melanie Ashbrook

I've found that implementing yoga principles into my busy family life has brought many profound benefits. Not only improving my overall health and well-being but also my ability to cope with the many stressful situations of every-day life. My yoga journey began when I was lucky enough to be introduced to it whilst at school. I developed an immediate affinity with yoga although it wasn't until after the birth of my third child that I began a dedicated, daily practice. My experience of yoga has been deeply transformative, increasing my ability to engage in a conscious way with the world around me. Yoga helps me to align with my intention to lead a holistic, mindful life and whilst I may not always be successful I'm always striving towards this goal.

As a yoga teacher my aim is to create a friendly and encouraging environment, honouring both the energy of the individual and the group. Embracing all aspects of yoga in my own practice I utilise my personal experience and knowledge to create a richly-layered class, enabling students to benefit from yoga in all its fullness. I offer an opportunity to explore the beauty, playfulness and challenges of the practice along with sharing the traditions of the teachings and their applicability to contemporary life. Students are encouraged to experience yoga in their own particular way, bringing about an awareness and independence of practice. Each of us has our own path in yoga enabling us to develop health, healing and a deepening sense of clarity and peace.


I am a fully insured 200hr certified Yoga Teacher, gaining my qualification from the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga London.





Marie-Jo Buxton

Marie-Jo Buxton

After starting a career in banking in the "crazy eighties", halfway through her banking exams, Marie-Jo Buxton changed direction and started teaching fitness some 30 years ago...initially teaching at Pineapple studios in its early years and at the first "Aerobicentre" in Houndsditch in the City of London (teaching in bare feet in the Jane Fonda years!). Having first taught before qualifications were required, she then qualified in Exercise to Music in 1982 and started teaching "Aerobics" and Body Toning" as they were then known, for the local clubs.... over the following years, she added to her repertoire, ie. Step, Aquaerobics, Swissball training, Schwinn Cycling, Basic Yoga, Street dance, Hip Hop, consolidating these programs as they evolved.... . In 2000 she went to Toronto to qualify in Classic Pilates at Moira Stott International Studios and also at the Pilates Institute with dancer Michael King, evolving into more advanced and specific Pilates and Yoga modules..and Pilates Personal Training. When the New Zealand fitness organisation Les Mills hit the UK with their "Body Training Systems" (BTS programs) she went on to qualify in 6 of their programs (Pump, Attack, Step, Jam, RPM and Balance). In the more recent years she has taken modules in Zumba and Fitsteps (A Cardio Ballroom group fitness dance concept created by two of the talented "Strictly Come Dancing" dancers) as and when they were launched in the UK.

Marie-Jo has two sons, Dominick and Edward both Fitness teachers and Personal Trainers (Dominick also teaches for JCW Fitness!) and 7 cats, Jasmine, Lily, Shade, Jinks, Caspar, Foxy and Max... (luckily she lives in a biggish house and garden!!)

Her keen interests are Astronomy and Quantum Physics and Science Fiction and Fact.


See text


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07956 180273