Emmanuel’s Cardio Conditioning & Core

Cardio Conditioning & Core classes are non-dance based classes, designed to help you burn fat, boost fitness, increase strength and tone up. In these classes you will raise your heart rate, use equipment and combine cardio work with mat-based core strength exercises. It’s ideal for anyone looking for an all-round workout, who doesn’t want to dance!

Emmanuel has devised a method of exercise called “Fit2Function” which he uses in this class – it combines HIIT (high intensity interval training) and lots of functional core strengthening work. Emmanuel uses hand weights and other equipment, to strengthen the whole body and improve flexibiity and mobility. Expect to work hard and sweat! This class is different each week, and will boost fitness, fat-burning and stamina, and give you strong abs and toned muscles all over.

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ashleyEmmanuel is great at motivating you to give 100% and the exercises are dynamic and challenging but always target areas you forget to workout. I recommend giving this class a go and you'll see the results very quickly. There is a very friendly atmosphere in the class and I always feel amazing afterwards.


ashleyEmmanuel’s class is quite different from other classes I do and has really helped to build my strength and coordination. It's based on bouts of high intensity and repetition of movements and the exercises change every week. It is challenging but you can work at your own level and it will definitely get you stronger and fitter. Despite doing regular classes I always find this class challenging and I can feel my muscles the next day. Emmanuel is really positive and encouraging and makes the class fun and somehow despite all the hard work the time seems to fly by!


grahamAfter having a long-term poor self-image issue, I joined my wife at a JCWFitness class after years of being resistant to the whole idea of exercise. Now I can’t stay away! I love the cardio classes and do three a week with different instructors. All are excellent and have their own unique styles. Whilst you are in a class, it is still a personal challenge to do the best you are able. I have used it as part of a weight loss programme and shed a significant amount already. I am on course to transform my appearance. I look better, feel better and really enjoy the challenge. The other members have been extremely supportive and it has the added benefit of being a great stress reliever.


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