Dynamic Flow Yoga

Dynamic Flow Yoga is for anyone looking for a strong and dynamic yoga class, balancing challenge with mindfulness.

Nils says:

I teach a dynamic yoga, which builds flexibility and strength with flowing transitions between yoga postures whilst creating a deeper awareness of the breath. I use different styles depending on the energy of the class. I draw from different types of Yoga, hence the term “Dynamic” to describe my classes. To summarise the different types of yoga, "Hatha" is in general a broad term which has come to mean basically a softer slower class, which sometimes mine is, but not typically. "Vinyasa" means the transition between postures, which we sometimes do, and sometimes we hold postures for longer. "Flow" classes usually keep moving and don't hold postures, which I also sometimes do, however I do like to hold postures to focus on a particular one sometimes. Astanga follows a set pattern of asana, and Iyengar holds each posture for an extended time.

Each week focuses on a different area of the body, and I make my classes fun whilst at the same time energising, stimulating, and relaxing… a great way to start your week!

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Nils Thomas/Melanie

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Doing the yoga classes at JCW has been a really transformative experience for me. I love the opportunity to explore different styles of yoga, whether it's a dynamic class or a slower flow. All the teachers are extremely knowledgeable about their subject and bring something different but equally amazing to their class and I cannot recommend them highly enough. My body is certainly more flexible now however it's also the strongest it's ever been. I think most people assume yoga is good for flexibility but perhaps don't realise how much strength it brings so I would really like to highlight that aspect. It's also wonderful at bringing a calm focus to your mind which hopefully continues off the mat. Wherever you start with yoga you will be rewarded in so many ways. If you've not tried it before give it a go and say hi to me in class!


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