Dance superobics

50 minutes of dance-style aerobics - learn each part of the routine and then put it all together for "face off" where we split in half and face each other - great fun! Ideal if you like to dance a bit although no dance experience is necessary. The class ends with a short abdominal section and cool down stretch. This class is for you if you want to improve stamina, burn fat and you like to dance!

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Jane Wrafter

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Jane's classes have meant that I no longer need to have physiotherapy for my back (I used to put my back out every few months) that I feel fitter than I ever have did and I have been coming regularly for over 5 years now. Most importantly Jane is a fabulous teacher who makes everyone welcome irrespective of shape, size or fitness level and everyone feels a better shape is within their grasp.



Since joining Jane's classes three years ago having done virtually no formal exercise since leaving school many years ago, I have totally changed the shape of my body and my energy levels have soared. There's something for everyone with differing levels of fitness and is real value for money. The Dancesuperobics is great fun especially if you like to dance and enjoy really getting in to the music, and I would definitely recommend all of Jane's classes as I have done them all and love the results.


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