How to View Facebook Live Classes

28th March 2020by Jane Wrafter0

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give an easy guide for how to access our Facebook Live classes.

Step 1: Make sure you are a member of our private groups, click below to go through to the Facebook Group:

Click Here For Cardio & Dance

Click Here For Pilates & Yoga

Under the banner > Select join group and we will approve you.

Step 2: Check our timetable to see what classes are on each day.

Click Here For Timetable

Step 3: Login to your Facebook just before the start time

Option 1:

Click your notifications (the bell icon), it will indicate when a teacher is live and you can click that link to view directly.

Option 2

Click videos – and you will not only see whichever video is currently LIVE, you will also see all previously recorded videos so if you missed a class don’t worry!


If you want to stream to your TV, here’s a handy article that explains how

Jane Wrafter

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