28th March 2020

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give an easy guide for how to access our Facebook Live classes.

Step 1: Make sure you are a member of our private groups, click below to go through to the Facebook Group:

Click Here For Cardio & Dance

Click Here For Pilates & Yoga

Under the banner > Select join group and we will approve you.

Step 2: Check our timetable to see what classes are on each day.

Click Here For Timetable

Step 3: Login to your Facebook just before the start time

Option 1:

Click your notifications (the bell icon), it will indicate when a teacher is live and you can click that link to view directly.

Option 2

Click videos – and you will not only see whichever video is currently LIVE, you will also see all previously recorded videos so if you missed a class don’t worry!


If you want to stream to your TV, here’s a handy article that explains how

8th February 2020

The so called “Blue Monday” on 20th January has been and gone – so did that apply to you? Apparently it’s the saddest day of the year with new year resolutions crumbling, post- Christmas credit card bills arriving, and cold days and dark night added in to the mix to top it all off! Whilst it’s an unscientific label, it certainly resonates in one way or another doesn’t it?

8th January 2020

I hope you have had lots of fun and rest over the festive period. Many of you attended classes between Christmas and New Year, and it was lovely to see you. Some of you have just ventured back this week, and many of you are planning to come back next week – we look forward to seeing you back.

It’s interesting to see how the festive break affects us all so differently, depending on where we are at in our lives, and all that.

Some of you have come back rested and rejuvenated, and some have come back feeling quite tired, maybe even a bit frazzled..it’s not always easy. Whatever it was like for you, and however you’re feeling now, we are here for you and we are ready to help you navigate your way back to a fitness rhythm and routine which will enhance your life.

8th October 2019

I am writing this on the really first frosty day this year, and wow you can see from this pic what a beautiful morning it was.

I took the doggies out early and had the field near where I live to myself, and watched the sun come up. Fresh and crisp, cold and sunny. Just how an Autumn day should be.

In fact, in this newsletter, I will share some reflections on how I seem to be changing from an Autumnophobe (made up word!) in to a bit of an Autumn lover, and maybe it’s my age (?!) but I honestly never thought that would happen. More on that later…