Astanga Yoga

Astanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga, based on a set sequence of postures. The strong flowing practice starts with sun salutations, then a standing and sitting sequence, completed with a finishing sequence. It is designed to build and maintain body heat with the constant use of ujjayi (throat breath), bandhas (abdomen and pelvic floor lifted) and drishti (a focus spot). The whole process is detoxifying and healing, for body and mind.

Vikki says of her classes:

"In an hour’s class we don't get to do all the postures, and sometimes we vary a little what we do, but it is the rhythm and sequence which are unique to astanga. There should be something in it for everyone, with an open mind and sense of adventure! Watch out for the 2 hour specials where we look at the whole Primary Series”.


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Vikki Poole

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After avoiding all yoga because I felt intimidated and inflexible, I was encouraged to attend Vikki’s Express Ashtanga classes. I am so glad I did. Encouraged to work at my own level, with occasional assistance to do the poses correctly (incuding the headstand - something I can’t believe I’ve actually done!), I am amazed to find I am making progress and my personal yoga ‘journey’ has really begun. Each week I attend I’m able to do a little more. Highly recommended.


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